June 21, 2016


The Time For a Lifestyle Design Coach is Now

It’s time for your very own lifestyle design coach! Helping you take your ideas and turn them into an income stream that can be put on autopilot. Don’t forget, If the recipe sucks, it doesn’t matter how good the cook is! We help you with your recipe so you can join the NEW RICH. We know you have fire power up the wahzoo, so let us help with the trigger finger! (We assume that you have listened to the book! Here is the audio-book┬áif you haven’t…)

Do you already own a business but are struggling to implement some of the great ideas in this book? Let’s take your business to ‘income automation’ mode. From implementing proven strategies and developing comprehensive reporting systems to track progress and capitalize on opportunities, we transform companies while designing lifestyles that people like you deserve.

Here are 3 service packages that start as low as $49.50/Month. The service packages meet the varying needs of different clients who are ready to change their lifestyle. Select the one that suits you best and lets get going!

Basic Website & Coaching Plan

Premium Website & Coaching Plan

Full Business Automation Plan